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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I light or (re-light) the pilot on my gas fireplace?

If you can locate the manual that came with your fireplace unit, you should consult that first. However, following these steps should work for most gas fireplaces.

Step 1: Find the red or blue gas supply valve - typically located behind the bottom louvers or panel door.

Step 2: Open gas valve. Your gas valve is OPEN if the handle is lined up in the same direction as the gas line.

Step 3: Locate the red or black igniter button. Then, find the actual pilot light assembly by shining a flashlight through the glass between or under the logs. Keeping an eye on the pilot assembly, push the igniter button to make sure that a spark appears at the pilot.

Step 4: Locate the black or green valve control knob. It will have the words “ON”, “OFF” and “PILOT” written on it. Push in the knob and rotate it counter-clockwise until the word “PILOT” is lined up with the arrow or dot next to the valve.

Step 5: Press and hold in the valve control knob in the “PILOT” position. It should press in about ¼ inch. At the same time, press the red piezo button repeatedly (once per second - 5 times) until the pilot ignites. Once lit, it is very important to continue pushing the control knob in for 45 seconds. If the pilot does not light after pushing the igniter button 5 times, continue holding the control knob in for 20 seconds and try the igniter again. [If the pilot lights, then goes out after releasing the control knob, wait 20 seconds and repeat this step. If the pilot continues to go out, shut off the gas supply valve and contact Fireplace Solutions for service.]

Step 6: Important:  Make sure your “On/Off” switch, wall switch or remote control is in the “Off” position.

Step 7: If the pilot stays lit, press the valve control knob in slightly, then turn it to line up with the word “ON” with the arrow or dot.

Step 8: Look to see if there is a small black rocker switch near the valve control knob that has the words “ON”, “OFF” & R/S on it. If so, put it in the “ON” position to light the fireplace. If you have a Wall Switch or Remote Control, put the switch in the R/S (Remote Switch) position. Turn your wall switch or remote control to the “ON” position to start your fire.